04 Apr

Announcing the Hippity Hoppity Bunny Duckie!

Bunny Duckie

Hippity Hoppity Good Clean Fun Bunny Duckie

Why wait for an event or a holiday to send someone a reminder that you’re thinking of them? Our Bunny Duckie is ever-ready to send a hippity hoppity basket of cheer any day of the year!

From the tip of his wool felt ears to his white pompom tail, our Bunny Duckie is 100% Bunny Duckiecuteness and exuberance.  And he can’t wait to spread some smiles!

Nestled in a handmade berry basket, Sam, our made in the U.S.A. Rubber Duckie, has turned himself into a Bunny, with perky wool ears and a perfectly puffy Bunny tail. Since Bunnies make us think of spring, we at Dixie Duckies couldn’t resist putting him in a basket. But not just any basket would do. We make our own and fill it with colorful crinkly paper,: a perfect little nest for our Duckie Bunny!

A Personalized Gift: Duck Tags

Bunny Duckie


As with all Dixie Duckies, it is all about the message, which is totally customizable, Dixie Duckie style. Before you add your Duckie to your shopping cart, you are given the option of which Duck Tags you wish the Duckie to wear, as well as the sentiment you want on the tags. We give you a few ideas from which to choose, our the options to create your own!


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04 Feb

Announcing The Lover Duckie by Dixie Duckies


Love Duckie Valentine

Announcing the Lover Duckie!

Nothing says Love like a Rubber Duckie — especially one sitting on a heart-shaped box of chocolates!

Express Your Love with a Lover Duckie Personalized Valentine Gift

Our Made in the USA Lover Duckie arrives au natural in his squeaky clean yellow rubber suit, tied up in a festive red ribbon bow delivering a hand made felt rose via his puckered beak.

He sits atop a clear box of Lindt chocolates; just enough to satisfy your sweet’s  sweet tooth.

As per Dixie Duckie style, Lover Duckie wears greetings tags around his neck, expressing your sentiments. Our Lover Duckie delivers a poem of four heart-shapes tags:

Lover Duckie


“A hundred hearts

Would be too few

To carry all my love for you.

Forever yours, XXX”





A Personalized Valentine Gift: Duck Tags

Lover Duckie


As is always the case in Dixie Duckie Land, you can customize the messages on the Lover

Duckie’s tags whether it’s simply to include your name, or to write your own poem-ette. (They have to be short to fit on the tags.)


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Custom Rubber Duckie Made in America

Invented in the US, rubber duckies haven’t been made here in decades. Until rubber duckie mogul Craig Wolfe of Celebriducks realized his dream of bringing manufacturing back to where it all began. His Duckie Sam, is the basis of all Dixie Duckies. He’s 100% made in America and “accoutermentized” in Georgia.

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