Super Mom Mother's Day Duckie

Super Mom Mother’s Day Duckie

Is your Mom a Super Mom? Then celebrate her this Mother’s Day with the Super Mom Dixie Duckie, our caped Super Hero!

Once you’ve chosen your Mother’s Day Duckie follow the next steps to customize the greeting for her to deliver, and choose a date for us to send her.

Since we make the tags for every Dixie Duckie just for you, it takes us one- to two-days to get your gift off to its recipient. Add on USPS Priority shipping to that to estimate when it will arrive.

Step 1: This will be the first of the three tags.

Step 2: Choose The Words for the Second Tag

Click on the tag to choose it.

Choose a short greeting to fit on the star. or type in yours in the box below.

Type in what you wish for the first tag to say.

Step 3: Choose The Greeting for Your Duckies Third Tag

Type in what you wish for the heart tag to say.

Step 4: (Optional) Choose which day you'd like us to ship, allowing 2-5 days via USPS Priority. (Not Guaranteed by USPS.)

Click in the box below and a calendar will come up. Allow two days for us to customize your Duckie and get him off to his new home.


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Super Mom Mother’s Day Duckie

Is your Mom so super that she’s a Super Mom? Then she deserves her very own super hero Dixie Duckie for Mother’s Day!

Appropriately our Super Mom starts with our Made in the USA Rubber Duckie. And that’s no accident. Great moms and Rubber Duckies have an important trait in common: They are always cheering us on.

All super hero’s require cape and a crown. Our Super Mom wears a red-lined blue cape and a dashing yellow crown with a red star.  Since leotards and Rubber Duckies aren’t the greatest mix (have you ever tried making a leotard on a Duckie?),  Super Mom’s credentials are on badge-like tags on her chest. As with every Dixie Duckie, the tags are customizable so you wish your Super Mom a Happy Mother’s Day in your every own words.

A Personalized Birthday Gift: Duck Tags

As with all Dixie Duckies, it is all about the message, which is totally customizable, Dixie Duckie style. Pictured here are the Super Mom tags. Before you add your Duckie to your shopping cart, you are given the option of which Duck Tags you wish the Duckie to wear, as well as the sentiment you want on the tags.


Order your Super Mom for Mother’es Day and remind your Mom how much she means to you!!

Custom Rubber Duckie Made in America

Super Mom Dixie Duckie

Note Super Mom’s cape.


Our buddy, the great American icon is once again made where he was invented– here in the USA!

Note: While the natural habitat for Rubber Duckies is the bath tub please be advised that Dixie Duckies prefer dry land – or tile. Super Mom’s fancy get-up is not not water-worthy, so feel free to entertain your Duckie by reminiscing about old times, but don’t get him her!


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