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Spread Some Love with a Cupcake Duckie Birthday Gift!

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Nestled in a baking cup, our made in the U.S.A. Cupcake Duckie, is enveloped in layers of (fabric) frosting. Wearing a glitzy pop-pom festooned party hat he’s ready to celebrate!

Now that you’ve chosen the Cupcake Duckie, follow the next steps to choose which two tags you wish your gift Duckie to wear, customize the greeting for him to deliver, and choose a date for us to send him.

Since we make the tags for every Dixie Duckie just for you, it takes us one- to two-days to get your gift off to its recipient. Add on USPS Priority shipping to that to estimate when it will arrive.

Step 1: Choose Your Duckie's Tag #1 and Custom Greeting

Click on photo to choose that tag, then...

Choose a saying...

...or type in what you wish the tag to say. (Keep in mind the size of the tag to judge how many words.)

Please note the number of words/characters on the original label and keep within that range.

Step 2: Choose Your Duckie's Tag #2 and Custom Greeting

Click on one to choose it.

Choose as saying... This usually includes your name as gift-giver, so use these as ideas and type in your greeting in the box below.

Type in what you wish for the first tag to say.

Step 3: (Optional) Choose which day you'd like us to ship, allowing 2-5 days via USPS Priority. (Not Guaranteed by USPS.)

Click in the box below and a calendar will come up. Allow two days for us to customize your Duckie and get him off to his new home.


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The Cupcake Duckie

When ever there is cause for a celebration a cupcake is in order. And what better than our smile-spreading friend the Rubber Duckie?!

Second to Rubber Duckies, cake — especially cute little cupcakes — is a for-sure smile maker. Just the word, the thought of cake makes us happy.  The same is 100% true of Rubber Duckies. So, since we don’t mess around with happiness here at Dixie Duckie, we have blended these two high-smile achievers into the ultimate birthday gift, a Rubber Duckie in a cupcake! A Cupcake Duckie  is guaranteed to put the birthday boy or girl over the top on the smile meter!

Nestled in a real silicone baking cup, Sam, our made in the U.S.A. Rubber Duckie, is enveloped in layers of (fabric) frosting in delicious chocolate, vanilla and strawberry yumminess. In perfect birthday style, he wears a glitzy pop-pom festooned party hat. He’s ready to celebrate! (And eat cake!)

A Personalized Birthday Gift: Duck Tags

As with all Dixie Duckies, it is all about the message, which is totally customizable, Dixie Duckie style. Pictured here are the cupcake tags. Before you add your Duckie to your shopping cart, you are given the option of which Duck Tags you wish the Duckie to wear, as well as the sentiment you want on the tags.

Order your Cupcake Duckie and spread some frosting — I mean smiles!

Custom Rubber Duckie Made in America

Cupcake Duckie

After decades of being made in China, the great American icon is made where he was invited — here in the USA!

Note! Be advised that while the natural habitat for Rubber Duckies is the bath tub, Dixie Duckies prefer dry land – or tile. As is the case with all cupcakes, the Cupcake Duckies frosting and party hat are not water-worthy, so feel free to entertain your Duckie by blowing bubbles for him, but don’t get him wet!

1 review for Spread Some Love with a Cupcake Duckie Birthday Gift!

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love my Cup Cake Duckie. I actually ordered it for myself because it makes me smile to see it. What a cute face and all dressed up like a cupcake. It is too cute for words. I named her "Cupcake" (of course) and she sits and watches me while I quilt. Thanks, Jodie, for creating my duckie.
    • :

      Uh oh, I hope she's not a back seat quilter! :) Jodie

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