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Cuckoo For You Rubber Duckie

Who are you cuckoo for? Remind them with this Cuckoo For You Rubber Duckie and your personalized message on the hand drawn tag. Duckies and Cuckoos — a crazily fun combination!

Choose a tag and the price of $29.99 will show up.

Step 1: Choose Your Duckie's Tag #1 and Custom Greeting

Click on photo to choose that tag, then...

Choose a saying...

...or type in what you wish the tag to say. (Keep in mind the size of the tag to judge how many words.)

Please note the number of words/characters on the original label and keep within that range.

Step 2: (Optional) Choose which day you'd like us to ship, allowing 2-5 days via USPS Priority. (Not Guaranteed by USPS.)

Click in the box below and a calendar will come up. Allow two days for us to customize your Duckie and get him off to his new home.


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Cuckoo For You Custom Rubber Duckie

Remind a loved one just how much you care, and do so regularly with the “Cuckoo For You” Rubber Duckie. A cuckoo clock makes its joyful proclamation every hour on the hour and on the half as well.  Our little friend will be a constant reminder to the one you’re nuts about.

Just like the Cuckoo brid in a real cuckoo clock, our Rubber Duckie is popping out of the cuckoo clock door to send a raucous reminder of your affection for the recipient. Made of durable plastic, the hand-drawn and colored clock face and cuckoo door bring the charm of the Black Forest to our American made Rubber Duckie.

A Personalized Gift: Duck Tags

The classic Dixie Duckie’s personal touch appears  in the form of the pine cone weights which normally power a cuckoo clock, this time sending your sentiment.  Be sure to fill in your custom message!

Is there any better way to remind someone that you are thinking of them, that they matter to you than to send them a Cuckoo For You Rubber Duckie to keep your sentiment front and center in their mind?

 Custom Rubber Duckie Made in America

Yes, this American invention is finally made in the USA again! In the seventies all rubber duckie making, and most toy making for that matter, migrated to China. But now,Sam, our rubber duckie, is the only rubber duckie made in America. And ever better, he’s made in the same factory where Ernie’s rubber Duckie was made!


Note! A little fine print: While the master plastics craftsmen in New York made our cute little yellow buddy to float, he’s been accouterment-ized during his stayhere in Georgia with non-water-worthy accessories. Please keep him in dry dock!


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