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Cuckoo LeftEach Dixie Duckie starts with the all-American made Rubber Duckie, made in Ohio  and New York where it all started for our friend the great American icon decades ago.  In fact the last step in the process of making our Duckie takes place in exact same factory where Ernie’s Rubber Duckie was made. How’s that for perfection!

Next, the all-American Duckies make their way to north Georgia where they rest a bit before deciding which character they wish to be. How is that decided? By you!

When you order a Dixie Duckie we custom costume your Duckie in the Rubber Duckie Costume Shop. The costume may involve making a hat, or adding  Santa beard, or an owl mask. (Fooled ya, right?)

Santa Naughty

Next comes the greeting, which is somewhat like a card placed on a stick in a vase of flowers. But way more fun! The Dixie Duckies greeting comes in the form  tags made specifically for your Duckie. Your message is written on the tag, along with your name. and the tags are baked to shrink to become colorful, permanent, mementos. Tied to your Duckie’s neck, the tags are the final touch in readying Duckie to be sent on his way to complete his mission of spreading smiles!

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