Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions, (Duh!) If you have any others, please give us a squeak.

Who Makes Sam?

CelebriducksGlad you asked! Sam is made by Celebriducks. Owner and rubber duckie mogul Craig Wolfe has brought to life dozens and dozens of celebrity rubber duckies, starting with Mona Lisa and Santa Claus and Betty Boop. Over the years he has immortalized presidents as rubber duckies, also Elvis and even the characters of the Wizard of Oz. He has turned the likenesses of famous sports figures such as Allen Iverson into rubber duckies, and as of late, has created rubber duckies cupcake and chocolate duckies and even a recycling rubber duck!


Why the name “Dixie Duckies”?

Short answer is because that’s where they’re made. In the foothills of the north Georgia mountains about 45 miles north of Atlanta. But the long story is that the idea came from the fact that the rubber duckie is an American invention, and when Jodie came up with the idea for the business she thought it appropriate that the Sam the Duckie is made in Ohio and New York state, so their “accoutermentizing” as she calls is, happening in Georgia made them even more All-American Duckies. Or was it because Jodie is a Yankee herself, moved to the South against her will, and now couldn’t be dragged out. Besides, isn’t the alliteration of the two D’s great?

How are the greeting tags made?

Santa Naughty Tag 300The tags were a true eureka moment. Jodie had been struggling with that extremely important detail while designing the accouterments for the Duckies. She spent hours Googling hand made tags, looking at scrapbooking site, considering cutting them out of thin balsa wood, etc. etc. etc.

By the time she finally made her first stab at the technique that ultimately worked, she had thought of it several times but dismissed it. It wasn’t at all along the lines of what she had initially envisioned.

Do you remember Shrinky Dinks from when you were a kid? Yup, that’s what it is! Jodie traces the design onto the plastic (she finds a brand called Grafix works best) then colors the images with colored pencils and cuts them out. Next she bakes them in the over for about three minutes, depending upon the size. They shrink at least 50% from the original, and get thick and very sturdy. Nope, it doesn’t smell like burning plastic when they bake (nor like brownies). Yes, they come out of the oven hot but cool in no time. And yes, she was absolutely amazed and pleased at how cute they turn out!

How soon will we ship?

Each Dixie Duckie is dressed expressly for you. We custom make the greeting tags for your Duckie with your sentiments and your salutation. Therefore, it can take us two to three days to get your order off, although we Duckies do our darndest to get your Duckie out as quickly as possible. We figure that the sooner your Duckie can be on his way the more smiles he can spread!

Can I ask for the Duckie to be shipped to arrive by  a certain date?

Sure! If you’d like the Duckie to arrive, say, in time for a birthday, we’ll ship the Duckie on the day you specify. Of course, we go by USPS’s projections, so we can’t guarantee on-time delivery,  but we’ll do our best. Just let us know in the calendar section when you choose your Duckie and tags. If you’d like Fed Ex or USPS overnight delivery pop us an email and we’ll give you a quote.

Shipping and Delivery Costs

We ship via Priority Mail from the Untied States Postal Service. This is the most economical and quickest way to get your Duckie to his new home quickly.

Currently, we ship within the United States and Canada. We charge a flat rate of $5.99 per Duckie within the continental U.S., $9.97 to Alaska and Hawaii, and $28.47 to Canada.

Payment Methods

With our “soft” launch we’re starting out with our tried-and-true PayPal account. But shortly we’ll roll out a full-fledged credit card payment system. In the meantime, you can use your credit card through PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

How are the Dixie Duckies boxed?

Cupcake Dixie Duckie




On stage! The idea is for the recipient of your gift to open the shipping box and see the Dixie Duckie as soon as possible. Which made a solid box simply out of the question. So each Dixie Duckie arrives in a plastic box.

Of course, the Duckie is so excited to deliver smiles that he may jumble around in his box on the way, so we cushion him a bit before sending him off. He is held to the bottom with a non-permanent glue strip (often used for holding pictures on the wall) and is surrounded by tissue paper.  The recipient can simply remove the  tissue paper and the Duckie can be displayed left in the box, or taken out by Cupcake Rubber Duckiepulling free from the glue strip.

We also include a little pamphlet about the Rubber Duckie, so the recipient knows the story of Dixie Duckies, and that the mission of their new little buddy is all about spreading smiles!


Are Dixie Duckies made for the bath tub?

Yes and no. The Duckie himself is made to be totally water-worthy, through a carefully placed and measured weight in his underside. In fact in the design stages Craig Wolfe went to great lengths to assure that he floats upright. And his manufacturer installs each weight by had and tests floatability in a baby bath right there in the factory!

BUT When the Duckies migrate south to Georgia and are “accouterment-ized” materials are added that won’t withstand a jaunt in the tub.  That’s why we say Dixie Duckies should stay dry docked in a place where they can keep delivering smiles!

Do you make custom Duckies?

Do you have a specific character or theme in mind? Yes we sure can make that Duckie for you! Please fill out the contact form with a description of the Duckie. Feel free to include links to images. Let us know when you need the Duckie. We’ll send you a price quote.

Can I submit ideas for new Duckie characters?

Heck yes! We are always working on new characters and welcome your ideas.  Contact us and let us know what Duckie you’d like to see become part of the Dixie Duckies line up next!


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